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3M Window Insulator Kits

3M Indoor Window Insulator Kits stop drafts, reduce condensation and prevent frost build-up. They apply easily, shrinking tight, wrinkle-free, and clear as glass. At a tiny cost you can eliminate the major source of heat loss - windows. The thermal performance is a 140% improvement over a single pane of glass and is higher than aluminium double glazed windows as tested by Branz and published in Build Magazine February/March 2. Read Report

You will also eliminate window condensation.

They are an easy DIY job, taking just a few minutes to install. They are typical of 3M ingenuity.

How do they work?

Window warmers are made from a clear plastic film which can be cut to the size of the window frame. The pack includes an adhesive tape to which the plastic is fixed. Once a good seal is established around the window frame a hair dryer is used to blow hot air onto the plastic. The plastic shrinks, producing a film which is as tight as a drum. It is almost invisible from 2 metres and totally invisible from 3 metres.

Installation Video

Note: Window warmers cannot be fitted to aluminium joinery.

Window Warmers come in three pack sizes

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Pack Price Dimensions (mm) Area (m2)
Double "2 Pak" $29 2130 x 1570 3.35
"5 Pak" $49 5330 x 1570 8.37
Patio "Patio Door" $39 2840 x 2130 6.05
Extra adhesive tape $12.50   12.7m


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